A Feast for the Eyes: Part 2 of 3

Finally, the day has come for us to have our Moveable Feast adventure! A get-together of farmers, chefs and diners, this farm-to-table long table dining experience took place last Saturday, January 27th at the Malipayon Farms in Tagaytay City.

My auntie Edie, or Ate Liza as I call her, excitedly moves forward towards the meet-and-greet area of the event, only looking back as I call out for a photo….

Edie at the entrance

Check out my previous entry, A Feast for the Eyes: Part 1 of 2 for a bit of a history behind Moveable Feast….
photo 2

Not a warm, but a refreshing welcome!!!! Some snacks and refreshments before we go on our farm tour….

photo 3photo 4

I love the cottage styling! And the details… The mason jars (down to the swirly striped straws) for our welcome drink!  Bravo!!! photo 5

Moveable Feast’s own mover and groover, Jenny Pascual, welcoming us to her first event and introducing us to Gejo Jimenez of Malipayon Farms, our venue for this exciting event…..photo 2(1)

And the farm tour begins with Gejo at the helm….

photo 3(1)

Joanna of Real Girl Toy Kitchen was the lucky one who got to pull a baby carrot straight from the ground….

photo 3(2)

Then we started playing “Name That Herb” and this one (below) I know because it’s my favorite, cilantro! I imagined falling face down with my mouth wide open!

photo 4(1)

I think this is the parsley, is it? 
photo 5(1)

Then another one of my favorites, dill….

photo 1(2)

And this is how the dill flower looks like….photo 2(2)

photo 3(3)

Loving the pattern and I could manipulate this into a cool textile design. Will keep this in mind! Nature truly is the original designer.

photo 4(3)

photo 1(3)

Micro-greens!!!! I love you!!!!

photo 2(3) photo 5(3)Then with the talks, the dirt started flying…. About composting.  This is nature’s own way of turning organic materials into food and soil (or humus) for new plants to grow from. Some farmers and gardeners actually refer to dark, rich and productive soil amendment as “black gold”.

Gejo talked about how we can build our own compost pile….

photo 4(4)

Getting down and dirty with Patricia…..

photo 5(4)

The tools of the trade….photo 1(4)

And here we have one of our favorite husband-and-wife teams,weekend warriors Dean and Candice, discussing the advantages of bio-dynamic farming which works alongside the greater cosmos of soil, plants and animals….

photo 1(5)Actually, I had no idea what they were talking about. But Dean looked pretty serious and interested in perhaps a new-found interest in organic farming? Or is this still about which TV to place in his man cave?

And of course, leave it to fashion statement pieces to catch my eye like Rica’s rain boots….

Rica and her rainboots!

And this lady’s eccentric, boho-chic ensemble and a large cuff bracelet….
photo 3(4)

And then, the most anticipated meal ever is now in full view! If I can just roll down the hill already…..
photo 2(5)

And the secret menu now in full sight! Can’t wait! I’ve been dying to know what they will be serving based on the farm’s produce.

See the menu and the heavenly meal itself made from the best and freshest ingredients soon!


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