A Feast for the Eyes: Part 3

The much awaited farm lunch lunc for our dear friend, Jenny Pascual’s 1st Moveable Feast (last January 27th) with fellow diners, Dean, Candice and Desi….

Farm Lunch dates

This event specifically pooled together farmers, chefs and diners for a farm-to-table experience.

The secret menu….
photo 5(5)

…. Will no longer be a secret.
photo 4(5)


photo 3(5)

Jenny introducing guest chef, Eugene Raymundo, who did a fantastic job with the menu. You’ll see….photo 1(8)

Our much-awaited starter (with my Auntie Edie’s Marakesh-inspired dress as a nice backdrop) of  fried kesong puti and bleu cheese cakes with organic truffle honey and herb sticks….

White and bleu cheese cakes with honey truffle and herb sticksCan I just tell you that this is my favorite salad (to date) ever!!!!!!!!!  I didn’t want to stop and the only reason I did was that there was more food to come.  I present to you the best salad in the world, organic salad greens with pili brittle and mushroom fritters in calamansi vinaigrette….

photo 2(6)

Our pretty friend, Lisa, all set for some wicked gnocchi…..
photo 3(6)

There’s a reason it’s called wicked is because of the sweet potato gnocchi bathing in a sauce of crab fat (trio of kamote gnocchi with arugula and baby prawns in crab fat sauce). I overheard chef, Eugene Raymundo, mention that it’s a weekend meal. And rightfully so as this dish was rich!

Leave it to our lovely sommelier, Chie Gatchalian of 5 & 1/2 Twists, to recommend the perfect wine to balance this flavorful and full-bodied dish….

photo 4(6)

Cheers! And more cheers! Chie’s suggested riesling was an instant hit! And if you only knew how much more cheering went on for the rest of the meal as (surprise surprise!) I was conveniently seated at the drinking side of the long table!

And then, and then, and then…. The slow-roasted grass-fed rib-eye steaks marinated in bagoong and garlic with garlic mash and Ifugao rice risotto and assorted mushrooms and yummy side veggies from Malipayon…. whew!  I don’t eat red meat but that doesn’t stop me from sampling some for taste. This was tender and just melted in your mouth.

photo 5(6)

And then of course with all my excitement for the dessert, I forgot to take a photo! Bwahahaha! But you can view the pan de sal de tsokolate-eh pudding with ChocNut cream in my friend Camille’s exciting food blog here- The Hungry Lady.

Moveable Feast is THE event after my own heart. After the eating and the drinking, there was SHOPPING!!!! Jenny put together a nice area for a farm stand to highlight the wonderful sponsors and their produce….

photo 2(9)

Malipayon Farm’s own fresh produce….photo 1(7)
photo 5(7)photo 4(7)

The Pascual sisters made an amazing team! The adorable, Michelle, manning an area of the farm stand….photo 1(9) photo 3(8)

Wow! Very “The Butcher’s Wife”, Jenny!!! Don’t you think? 😉

photo 2(8) The Butcher's Wife

(The Butcher’s Wife starring Demi Moore, 1991)

 canvas totes

These canvas totes by Moveable Feast have already been spotted in the street markets of Milan (photo courtesy of Emmanuele Andaya and Moveable Feast) …..


You never know, but perhaps one day, Jenny will take us all to Italy via Moveable Feast! 😉

The very 1st Moveable Feast!

Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this 3-part series.

To be in the know for future Moveable Feasts, please like Moveable Feast on Facebook.

Congratulations, Jenny! Definitely looking forward for the next farm-to-table event!

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