Catch Sight of Some Billow Talk

When you do some billow talking, expect fun and flirty to do the walking…. Wha’?!?!?

“Billow” was the word used immensely for the latest TV commercial shoot we did….

Project POW

Hair and makeup artist, Tor Torre, enhancing Julia’s natural beauty….

Tor Torre

The challenge was to create dresses or outfits with skirts that billow in the wind. Hopefully these flirty and feminine ensembles would do the trick (skirts were made from scratch to meet with the specifications of a billowing effect) as worn by our lovely talents, Theresa, Julia and Maxene….

Theresa, Julia and Maxene

These pretty-in-the-park looks are all so ladylike while focusing on the spectrum of blues (to match the product we’re doing this shoot for) for the bottoms and whites, beige and bone for the top portions. I tried to play with texture so that there’s more going on without being too much, if that makes sense. Bangles and bracelets for the accessorizing and layers of necklaces for Julia.

Accs 2Accs 1Accs 3

An abundance of flowers helped in creating the perfect scene….

Flirty Feminine 2 Flirty Feminine 1More flowers

And grandpa and his flower stand added a nice touch….


Here’s our final product….. Fun and cute!

Directed by Yam Laranas for Straight Shooters Media, Inc.
Production Design by Rious Caliso
Fashion Styling by Guada Reyes
Hair and Makeup by Tor Torre

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